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Vol. 14 No. 2 (2024): Journal Of Babylon Center for Humanities Studies
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Published: 2024-04-30


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The journal is devoted to the publication of subjects of various human and linguistic specialties for the purpose of scientific and cultural publication as well as for the purposes of scientific promotions for academic staff. The journal publishes researches or articles in both Arabic and English and the journal aims to publish in other languages.

The journal issued according to the decree of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. 12/1502 / 6/8/2008, which decided to issue this journal from the Babylon Center for cultural and Historical Studies and has the international numbering ISSN number (2227-2895) in addition to the numbering Iraqi National Library and archives in Baghdad which followed the Ministry of Culture and media No. (1547) in 2011, and the subjects of the journal include different researches in each issue.

The publication of the journal is quarterly. Four publications are issued each year. The journal is edited by a scientific arbitration team that evaluates the research. Each research is sent to the journal's management. It is evaluated by at least two experts. We do not publish any articles or research without license from our experts(evaluators) .