Duties of Scientific Reviewer

Duties of Scientific  Reviewer

1 - The review of research according to the scientific counterparts and the precise competence of the scientific assessor.

  1. The scientific Reviewer is obliged to return the search to the journal in case of incompatibility of jurisdiction.

3 - Determine a fixed time committed by the scientific  reviewer to return the search after its reviewed .

  1. If the scientific reviewer does not comply with the Timing, the editorial board shall send the research to another scientific reviewer.
  2. The scientific reviewer's commitment to the confidentiality of information and review and not to keep or copy the research.

6 - Commits the scientific  reviewer to ensure the review of research away from personal tendencies and sharp criticism of the personality of the researcher, and in the case of sensing the critical scientific  reviewer for certain reasons he apologize for the review and re-search to the editorial board.

7 - The search for any astrology or scientific theft with appropriate tools for the scientific scholar.

8- Reviewer comments for each research must be supported technically, professionally, and objectively.

9- Disclosing any conflict of interest by reviewers .

10- Reviewers should not review research in which they find a conflict of interest with any of the authors, companies, or institutions.