Duties of the Editorial Board

Duties of the Editorial Board

First: the principles of the work of the editorial board

1-When the researcher  submitted the manuscript , the editors' review it if appropriate for the actual review, but if the search does not meet the specifications mentioned to the researcher will be returned for correction.

2-Any research not in accordance with the ethics of scientific publication shall be rejected by the Journal.

3- The editorial board shall work in a high scientific profession, without distinction between persons deriving from personal, religious, ethnic, sectarian or political motives.

4- The editorial board is committed to publishing research in accordance with the standards of sound scientific publishing and its ethics.

5- In the event of a complaint or complaint regarding research misconduct, the work with the members of the editorial board shall be coordinated to deal with the problem and give the researcher an opportunity to respond to the complaints and keep all the complaint documents, regardless of the publication date of the publication.

6 - The editorial board emphasizes the necessity of the researcher's commitment to the policy of publishing the general journal. In addition, the research, opinions and ideas contained in the journal's published research represent the viewpoint of its authors and the editorial board. It is not responsible for the views and ideas contained in the published research, and this is in contradiction with publishing ethics and instructions to deal with research misconduct. Published on the journal's website.

7- Choosing reviewers to examine the research submitted for publication in the journal. The review shall be confidential by the review team and in accordance with the published journal publishing policy.

8- The confidentiality of the submitted research is maintained along with the confidentiality of the names of the scientific referees, as well as the confidentiality of the names of the authors (names are withheld) before the review team  reviews them to ensure scientific honesty, and the authors of the rejected research are notified of its rejection without the necessity of giving reasons for the rejection.

9- Commitment to confidentiality by not disclosing any information about the submitted research to anyone other than the responsible author, potential referees, editor-in-chief, editorial director, and publisher, and for professional necessity.

10- The need to declare any conflict of interest, if any.

11- Supervising the publication of the journal according to the conditions specified for it.

12- The decisions of the journal’s review panel regarding research are final and guaranteed by it.

13- Ensuring that the decisions of the journal’s editorial board are not influenced by any material interests regarding making the final decision to evaluate the research.

14- The double review mechanism: The editorial board ensures that research is subjected to a double evaluation in a confidential manner. What is meant is that the researcher does not know who the evaluators are, just as the evaluators have no knowledge of the researcher. The journal is published in a quarterly issue every year in electronic form, taking care of all aspects of the journal. All of these matters are explained on the journal’s website (bcchj.uobabylon.edu.iq)


The Stages of the editorial board

  1. The editorial board shall confirm the researcher's consent to the author's agreement (published on the website) and other Authors (if any) prior to the commencement of the other procedures indicated by the researcher's signature.

2 - Research suitable for publication in the Journal of the Center of Babylon for human studies would be send to experts (scientific reviewer) for the purpose of evaluating the research and uses the journal method of assessment so that each examiner or expert does not know the other reviewer s  does not know the name of the researcher.

3 - After the return of the search of the reviewer s:

  • If the research is not valid for publication (in the opinion of the scientific reviewer), the researcher shall be notified in writing.

    B - The search is sent back to the researcher who in turn corrects the search (in case of corrections) and return it to the editorial board.

4 - The journal shall be obliged to publish the research after the researcher 's commitment to the published publishing conditions, after presenting them to the scientific experts competent in relation to the scientific research subject determined by the journal and the approval of them published or not, or subject to publication after the amendments by the researcher.

5 - The journal reserves the rights of editing for all texts in terms of font, size and clarity.