Duties and responsibilities of authors

Duties and responsibilities of authors

1- The research is submitted in Arabic, English, or one of the other languages approved for publication in the journal, taking into account that it is written in accordance with the rules of the approved scientific research methodology.

2- The research is submitted with confirmation that it will not be sent to any other party for publication.

3- The responsible writer is responsible for communicating with the journal to ensure obtaining approval for publication after implementing the publishing policy, and he is the one who represents the research team involved with him in the research.

4-The research team bears responsibility for ensuring that research issued by a specific institution is submitted with the approval of the institution concerned.

5-The authors allow the research to be edited in an easy-to-read manner.

6- Authors must indicate the types of financial or logistical support to complete the research and/or prepare the research.

7- The responsible author must sign the author agreement with the approval of all authors.

8- The responsible writer was given the authority to communicate officially with the editorial board, to review the process of editing the research by the research team involved with him in the work.

9- If an important error appears related to the research, the author must notify the editorial board of this as soon as possible in order to address the issue in the appropriate manner.

10- The responsible writer must ensure that all authors have read the research in its final form for submission before sending it to the Journal of the Babylon Center for Humanities Studies.