Copyright, licensing and open access policy

Copyright, licensing and open access policy

First: Open access policy and access rights to the site

1- The Journal of the Babylon Center for Humanities Studies is an open access journal for all its research, meaning that all research is available by interested researchers on the journal’s website.

2-This site can be accessed at any time, in other words, all content is offered free of charge to users.

3- The site user can read (read), download, copy, distribute, print, or link the research completely with his research without obtaining permission to do so from the publisher or writer (author - researcher).

Second: Copyright

1-The journal allows the researcher to obtain copyright without restrictions.

2-The journal is not obligated to give any financial sum to the author (researcher) for printing and publishing the research.

3-The journal is not obligated to provide the author (researcher) with a free paper copy of the issue in which his research is published.

4-The Journal also allows re-use and mixing of contents according to the CC-BY license.

5- All research will be published using a CC-BY-NC-ND license

That is mean, this work is licensed under the Non-Commercial 4.0 International License.

6-All research is licensed under copyright within the above license. The following phrase will be included in each research:

This open access research is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which only allows others to download the research and share it with others on the condition that the original work is attributed to the author, and without making any modification or using it for commercial purposes