Manifestations Normal Character in children's theater texts "A play that does not say Kao Kao is a model"


  • Amir Muhammed Hussain College of Mixed Education_University of Kufa
  • Zahra Saleh Mohsen College of Mixed Education_University of Kufa


manifestations, personality, normal personality children's theatre


All nations that aspire to progress and progress seek to raise the child with a sound upbringing to be a healthy and active social individual in society, and this is what a good citizen should be. Those who are able to give. Through the children’s theater, which is one of those institutions that contribute to building the personality of the individual, as it is a means with an important social force for influence and guidance, as well as recreation and entertainment, as it is an important civilized interface by presenting the correct human model in the past and present, represented by the normal personality. Perhaps the interest in the permanent research on the children's theater and its importance is one of the important necessities because of the importance of this theater in the entertainment and entertainment. In addition to its great role in the educational aspect and in the development of the child’s thought and personality, despite the multiplicity of the basic elements of the theatrical text, the personality is an important element, especially the personality of the child because of its great role in influencing the children’s recipients.The current research is concerned with a study (appearances of normal personality in children's theater texts) and is located in four chapters. The first chapter is devoted to clarifying the research problem that focused by answering the following question (How did the normal personality employed in children's theater texts?). Its importance and the need for it, and its goal, which was manifested in (knowing the manifestations of the normal personality in the texts of the child’s theater), with temporal limits (2016-2018), and spatial limits that included (Iraq), and defining the most important terms contained therein. As for the second chapter, it included two topics: the first was about me studying (normal personality, its concept and characteristics) and the second about me (children's theater and its impact on the child's personality). The third chapter dealt with the research procedures, as the research community included (10) theatrical texts, and the researcher adopted the descriptive approach in analyzing the sample. While the fourth chapter included the results of the research as well as conclusions, recommendations and suggestions. The research concluded with the most important sources and references.