Variability in the Level of Health Services. Between Public and Private Hospitals in Mosul City


  • Ghada Ahmed Abdul Jabbar Physician in health and hospital management, Mosul health directorate


Quality, Hospital, health service, al-Khansa, administration


It was remaining always the main aim that hoped by hospitals is admiustration of health service of high level & good quality.Its well known there is difference in the level is return to many Causes ; for this reason the problem of this Article is asking if there is difference between the level of health services in public hospitals from that in private hospitals, and if the private hospitals aimed to profit & the public hospitals aimed the benefit of patient in spite of little profits. The Targets of this study are:-1- administration of real image of the meaning of quality of health services. 2-possibility of determining the causes of this difference & analyzing them to detect the point of failer of administration of suitable service to the patient & then treat them.3- administration of theoretic field strengthen by practical survey to study the causes in future by the mean of results & suggestions.To reach the aims a hypo thesis has put as there is variability in the level of Health service between the public & private hospital.To examine the hypo thesis. Data have been collected & analyzed by using question are done for this reason. then choosing samples from mosul city (ALKhansa. hospital .Ibn al- atheer. Alzahrawi private. AIRabee. private). Then analyses the Data by using some of statistical methods based on spss.15 for windows Then ended the search by some of results & suggestions resembled by ;1- There is Low index of response & Touchment & delicacy in private hospitals as a result of uncontinunity of service administration& Little presence of modern medical equipments.2-There is low Index in the security dimention & easy reaching & connection in the public hospitals as a result of Low feeling of patients that their Life's. Between secure efficiency. Then Suggestion put as : 1- providing dimensions of quick respenfe & to uchment such as modern building & medical equipment. with cooling & healing equipments. 2-provide feeling of security to patients in private hospitals & fighting insects, Taking care of cleaning the rooms. establishing Training course to the staff a bout how to dealing in humanity with patients & taking care of them with out personal benefit.