Legislation for adult education teachers in the light of international conferences and contemporary trends: Conceived


  • Norah Saad Alarifi Assistant Professor in Educational policies King Saud University


Legislations - adult education teachers - contemporary trends - conceived proposal


The study was held in the field of adult education, revealing the most important local, regional and international participation in adult education, and then reaching a proposed vision to raise the developmental and developmental competence of the adult teacher in the light of contemporary conferences and trends. To achieve this, the study relied on the descriptive approach using the content analysis method. The study reached several results, the most important of which were: that despite the efforts made by legislation and conferences for adult education teachers, the adult teacher still needs modern developmental efforts that are in line with the constantly changing era, to meet the diverse needs of adult learners and in the light of these results The study concluded with some recommendations, including: The need to make greater use of old legislation and modern trends for adult teachers to ensure that the ever-changing needs of adult learners are met.