Informational evaluation and its role in measuring the level of satisfaction with the performance of specialists in medical scientific branches


  • Afaf Sami Hassan alkaraghuli College of medicine /university of baghdad


informational evaluation - measurement and evaluation - academic performance - student satisfaction with evaluation - faculty member - medical scientific branches


The aim of the current research is to reveal the level of evaluation of the performance of teachers by students, and to achieve this, the researcher prepared a scale for informational evaluation and measurement of performance consisting of (35) items distributed over the areas of performance evaluation for teachers and within the level of students' knowledge of them. Five paragraphs were excluded in the light of the experts’ opinions, and the informational scale, which consists of 30 items, was reorganized and subjected to the steps of constructive validity in the light of two indicators: (internal consistency) and (discriminatory power). The value of stability was (89.0) and is considered acceptable. The research sample was chosen with the size of 100 male and female students distributed in two phases, namely (the third and the fifth), as well as including the gender variable (males - females).1- The level of performance in light of the total score on the scale and its comparison with the hypothetical mean of the scale was above the average with an arithmetic mean (110, 67), (and a standard deviation of 6, 82).2-The most frequent level of performance was between (65-69), with a rate of 30%, and it gives an indication that the general level is above average.3-There is a significant difference in favor of females between the averages of the two calculations for the total scores according to (the variable of sex).4-There is a significant difference in favor of the fifth stage between the averages of the two accounts for the total scores according to the variable of the stageThe researcher concluded some conclusions, including:The importance of the learners (students) feeling their positive role in evaluating the performance of their teachers, and among the recommendations is to train students on the requirements of the informational assessment of the performance of teachers and evaluate their performance, and suggested some complementary research