The Thresholds in Sabaru's Novel


  • Asawer Naji Hussein Saleh Al-Hasnawi General Directorate of Education / Muthanna


thresholds, Sabaro's novel, external title, internal title, gifting, export, image, publication reasons


The study deals with the thresholds of Shaker Al-Mayah's novel (Sabaro), especially since the thresholds have suffered from neglect and marginalization and did not mean much; because some of them believe that they do not constitute a main pillar in the focal text (the body), but the reality we find many thresholds that contribute to determining the features of the creative text as We wondered whether their thresholds constitute a key to reading the text or not, and then we searched for the intertwined relationships that occur with the Metn and approach it and discover its depths. We also tried to identify the common points with the original text. We questioned the interpretation dimension in analyzing the dialectical relationship between the threshold and the focal text by following Interpretive descriptive; to discover and interpret the threshold in itself and through its relationships, this reading provides us with flexible mechanisms that allow us to probe the Valley, especially as it is an approach that describes the phenomenon and goes beyond that to try to extrapolate, identify, analyze, interpret and link. Our approaches aim to analyze that reveals the most prominent features and relationships on the one