Treaty of Paris in 1783 and its impact on the settlement of the American War of Independence


  • Aqeel Jaiz Shamkhi Al-Sahlany Imam Al - Kadhim College – Massin


Treaty of Paris - American colonies - British colonialism -War of Independence - American diplomacy


The Treaty of Paris in 1783 is considered one of the most important treaties concluded in the era of modern history, as it established the establishment of a strong state in the western hemisphere, namely (the United States of America), and it also represented the victory of effective diplomacy for American negotiators such as (Benjamin Franklin) with the British side in Paris proved the inevitability of the diplomatic victory, and it is considered a decisive historical turning point through which most European countries were forced to recognize the new state, and it clearly charted the steps of European policy towards the British colonies in North America, and this was thanks to the successes achieved by the American revolutionaries on the battle fronts against the army The British, and the diplomatic success achieved by American diplomatic negotiators in France and the Netherlands, all contributed to Britain's submission, surrender, and entry into negotiations with the American revolutionaries in Paris, negotiations that ended the American War of Independence, and led to Britain's departure from its colonies in North America. Thus, this treaty is considered one of the most important official documents in the history of the United States of America, as it marked its official entry into the family of independent states, and because, with its provisions, it paved the way for the United States of America to be the greatest country in the world politically, economically, and militarily