The structure of coalition and difference in selectors a collection of poems by Abu Zaydal-Qurashi


  • Sahar Kazem Hamza Al Mansouri University of Babylon College of Arts/Department of Arabic Language


Abu Zaid al-Qurashi, the chosen ones, coalition, difference, structure, the self and the other


This study falls within the field of modern critical studies of ancient Arabic literary texts, as it is directed towards the heritage texts using modern tools, concepts and visions, believing in the richness of these texts, artistically and cognitively, on the one hand, and the importance of the impact they have in shaping the knowledge system and the artistic taste of its recipients.This study chose to turn towards pre-Islamic poetic texts collected and edited by one of the ancient Arab authors, Abu Zaid al-Qurashi. It was collected here by its Qurashi author.The study also hopes to explore the depths of these poems through some of the paths that have been planned to achieve this goal. Among those paths is to go towards defining the collection of these poems, then introducing the book that included these poems, and then getting to know the authors of the poems, the poets who organized them, and then stopping at Those seven poems (the selected ones), and the clarification of the critical tool on which this study is based, and the tracking of the terms that denote those tools and the fields and semantic fields belonging to them. On the structures and patterns of coalition and dissent according to a path that I chose, as the text reveals itself in terms of paths, some of which are related to the structure of the poem, i.e. the form of the poems.The seven technically selected ones include the structure of the poem, and another aspect, which is the content structure represented by some of the highly present content units in terms of the substantive and content composition of those pre-Islamic poems