Dialogue and carnival aesthetics in digital literature The interactive poem of abandonment by Souad Aoun As a Model


  • Mahmoud Khalif Khudair Al-Hayani Northern Technical University / Iraq


Dialogue, digital literature, carnival, patterns, aesthetics


The transformation that took place in the transformation of literature from a paper medium to an electronic medium, or what is called digital literature, was not a transgression of the origins or the nature of literature only, but this advanced shift brought about fundamental changes and effects in the form and content, as digital literature is one of the literary genres that cannot be To operate away from cross-fertilization and overlap with other artistic genres that took from the dynamic side a state embodied in the moving image or painting and music, which gave it a kinetic dimension, and a state of impulse and flow in the poetic movement and diversity, which formed an aesthetic paradox that the recipient responds to and creates a carnival effect that restores To our minds, the harmony and overlap of music, dance and singing in ancient ceremonies that had a mythical dimension, the influence aspect played a major role in digital literature; Because it searches for a recipient to interact with, which represents the advertising, persuasive and graphic aspect that combines various audio and visual senses, which the research tries to reveal by sorting the most important of these races that accompanied the complex transformation of literature from the written blog to the electronic blog, and its openness to genders . The flexibility and ability of the electronic mediator to carry out the strategy of absorption, modification, and rumination on other artistic genres in favor of influencing and responding to the audience of recipients and the carnival effect on it, which we can see in the poem (that of abandonment) by Souad Aoun