The image of the hero between Antara and Don Quixot


  • Salma Ghazi Al -Shuaib Idlib University - College of Arts and Humanities


The image of the hero, starring Antara, starring Don Kishot, motives for the championship


The research aims to study a typical image of the hero in each of the poet Antarah bin Shaddad and Don Quixote, through the manifestations of heroism in two literary genres, namely poetry and the novel. This research also tries to stand at the origin of the heroism of Antara and Don Quixote in terms of realistic formation on the one hand, and the artistic embodiments of heroism on the other hand. For the data and life conditions that he faced, and made his life an equation based on challenge and valiant struggle for self-preservation, as he is in defiance of the forces of nature and what the life of the desert imposes on the one hand, as he is in a challenge that may have been more important, and we mean his confrontation with the values and norms of the society at the time, which made him His slavery and his black color make him overcome them, and therefore we are facing a very complex personality, as her suffering goes beyond the natural realm of people like her, and enters into another realm of conflict, so Antara does not seek life in the biological sense, but rather wants to be free, meaning that his suffering is a kind of existential struggle In the face of slavery, and his constant struggle to obtain freedom. While the concept of heroism in Don Quixote is based on imaginary tripods.In both cases, we are facing two creative achievements, both of which try to embody an aspect of the philosophy of heroism, and we will show in the research the dialogue of both personalities of both types (internal and external). In the end, the research shows that heroism at Antara mixed realism and fantasy, while Don Quixote's heroism is a figment of imagination