Violation of the causes and causes of the prophets (peace be upon them)


  • Amer Omran Al-Khafaji University of Babylon/ College of Islamic Sciences
  • Afrah Jaber Radi Al-Hilali University of Babylon/ College of Islamic Sciences


Noah, Jesus, prophets, reasons, divine law


The divine Sunnahs are many and different, the most important and the first of which is the Sunnah of causes and causes. This Sunnah, like other Sunnahs, is distinguished by its stability, generality, comprehensiveness, and consistency. The first means that it is fixed and does not change and does not change in the Almighty’s saying, “And you will not find that the Sunnah of God can be altered.” Repetition, meaning that it recurs regardless of time, place and persons, and this regularity does not conflict with the divine will.God Almighty has made the world subject to the law of causes and causes, and the verses indicating it are many and cannot be counted. There is nothing without a cause, everything in the universe has a cause and includes all existing things, whether human, animal, or plant, and the universal and legal norms are based on this general divine law.This divine law is violated when the miracle occurs according to God’s will and will, and there is a difference between the current Sunnahs and the supernatural Sunnahs. The current Sunnahs are the ones that are characterized by the above-mentioned attributes. As for the supernatural Sunnahs, they change, stop, or violate the causal system, and this is exactly what happens with the prophets(peace be upon them),The Prophet Noah(peace be upon him) has had reasons for the flood story in all its details, since the divine command came to him to build the ship and the appearance of the blaze of enlightenment, which was the most prominent sign of the flood because it was the enlightenment of news between an old woman, and then Noah and those who believed with him escaped from this huge, expressive flood that It reached the highest mountain peaks and lasted for several days.In addition to the story of the Prophet Jesus(peace be upon him), the violation of the reasons was inherent in his birth and the birth of his mother, the Virgin Mary(peace be upon her), who was born from an old father, who lost the health capabilities that enable him to have children, and from a sterile woman who cannot have children for life, but God Almighty’s kindness to them The system of causation was violated for them, and so was the birth of the son of Jesus(peace be upon him) in exceptional circumstances. He was born from a mother without a father, and his mother was one of the chaste and pure and was not married, so the violation of the reasons is by the order and will of the Almighty.