The Grammatical deotation for the Quaraanic Wittiness for the phrase AIIahum of ALBasst book written Ruken AIdeen ALestarabathi(died:715h)


  • Fatimah Musa abid ALabass Quraanis linguistic \ collage of Islamic science \University of Babylon\ Iraq


Al-Istrabadi, the word Allhuma, the Quranic witness, the grammatical significance


Qur'an is the most important argument and proof of proof for The anyone who wants to invoke it to prove the opinion or to prove the and the Prophet ( al – Bari ) has guaranteed all that he ruling , has God says : [ [ Stone : 9 ] . The origin of Arabic grammar is preserved , closely related to the Holy QuranThe origin of Arabic grammar IS closely related the to Holy Quran . The grammatical significance derived from the system of sentences and their order , and that any imbalance in the construction of sentences affects the significance , but the destruction of correct grammatical relations leads to a meaningless statement , and grammatical connotations were present in the book of simplex for the rationalization of the religion of the Stratification ( v : 715 e ) In this sense , this research includes the grammatical significance of the Quranic verses in the absolute effect , and the approach that appeared in the book of the simplex of religion . and on naseer Al estaarabathi was described as a scholar who participate in grammar , pragmaatics , logic , medicen , speech jurisprudence assets and he worked al tussi getting much informtion then he was introduced by al naseer to be the head of alashab in muraga .when a nueeri travel to Baghdad in ( 672 h ) al estrabathi went with him to get much information and when al nuseeri died in ( 672 h ) with the presence of his student al estrabathi in the holly and Musel shrine of al kahdum then ruken aalldeen went to Musel and The named was he even famous al nooria school then allowed to left he 50 was equipped with many fields of science grmmar , syntacs him in behind works and books pragmatics denotation ( Baseetwritten by Ruken and very became there setteled musel strat teaching in of scholar teach in the shafia school Grammatical Allahum.The phrase Ruken aldeen many assets and jurisprudence. ( Al the