Amali Al-Sharif Al-Murtada (d.: 436 AH)_ lexical approach


  • Ahmed Kazem Ammash University of Babylon/College of Quranic Studies


Al-Murtada. Lexicon. Lexical. the sheriff


Mr. Al-Murtaza left us a group of books, most of which are suitable material for the lexical lesson, and I saw that his book (Gharar Al-Fawa’id and Durar Al-Qa’id) known as (Amali Al-Murtadha) is a prelude to a larger study that includes a census of all linguistic vocabulary in its vocabulary.I found that he employed the lexical significance in explaining the texts that appear in his council, whether they were Qur’an, hadith, or the words of the Arabs, and this employment came from his familiarity with the dictionaries that preceded him, but he never gave them up; He was speaking from the point of view of lexical composition, deriving the word and returning it to its origin, and citing reliable texts in its statement, such as Quranic verses or the speech of Arabs of all kinds, and he depended on the word according to what the context dictates in his council, so we see him once abbreviated and again he expands a little and thirdly prolongs, these methods All three have been spotted in Alamali.Al-Murtada’s hopes are rich in diversity in the sciences of Arabic, and they have a significant impact in each of its branches. Among these sciences are lexical terms and their connotations, which reflected a great knowledge of Al-Murtada, and these words were given great attention by scholars because of their defining the context in which they are presented, and Mr. Al-Murtada is one of the scholars who They had more attention to these words, and his writings were replete with clarification of what was obscured from them.Al-Sayyid Al-Murtada’s interest was clear in the Qur’anic expressions, the noble Prophet’s hadith, and the speech of the Arabs in prose and poetry, but he did not leave us a dictionary, except that if you limited his linguistic studies to vocabulary, and the words that he explained in his many books, a glossary of hundreds of pages would come out of them, which includes thousands of words explained accurately and with meaning. Great attention is paid to it in its structure and semantics, and I have seen in the writings of Sayyid al-Murtada what constitutes a real blog that benefits scholars as they benefited from his many writings.