Eloquence of Repetition in the Poetry of the Al-Marqash Al'asghar Selected Examples


  • Nuri Saber Muhammad Al-Zibari Department of Arabic Language - College of Education - Al-Hamdaniya University


eloquence, repetition, poetry, Marqash, Al'asghar


This research is on the eloquence of phonetic repetition in the pre-Islamic poetry of the poet Marrakesh the Younger, where it focused on the technique of repetition, which is a central focus that pulls the structure of the text together. contained in the Diwan of the Younger Marqash only without referring to the Diwan of the poetry of the Greater Marqash, where these texts dealt with the poet's poetry by study and analysis, and "repetition" was within several diverse axes that may be in (letter, word, or phrase) This made the poetic text escalate from the various musical rhythms and the repetitive poetic event. The nature of the study necessitated dividing the research into three sections, as well as the introduction that followed, an introductory study that identifies the study’s starting points and paths, and the cognitive tools with which the rhetorical research is disciplined. the research was divided into three sections: The first section is entitled “Voice Repetition in the Letter” comes as a study on the repetition of the letter ‘C’ in the poem; the second section, entitled “Phonemic Repetition in the Word”, the poet’s repetition of the word is a manifestation of a high ability to enrich the musical rhythm, such as the water cup or the verbs, as it aims to perform a contextual function imposed by the nature of the language used in the poem; the third section entitled “The Phonemic Repetition in the Formula”, the repetition of the formula when the poet used certain formulas to adapt with the activation of the long sea ‘mufaeilin’. After completing this interesting journey among the texts of the mottled, the research does not claim to have encompassed all aspects of the poem, but the research records in its conclusion the texts and their aesthetic secrets.