An analytical approach to a Sufi poem Abu Al-Mughit Al-Hussein bin Mansour Al-Hallaj as a model (244 AH - 309 AH)


  • Ahmed Ali Hussein Jaffal Responsible for the Division of Research and Studies in Nineveh Education


Al-Hallaj, Poem analysis, Sufism, Poems


This study analyzes a poem by one of the most prominent mystic thought magnates, and is often conflated with fairy tales and legends, until it became a model for mystic disturbance. Between praise and defamation by words, Al-Husayn ibn Mansur Al-Hallaj died in 309 Hijri ,is the first class of Islamic mysticism, relying on the authority behind the mystical system will illustrate the aesthetic of the phrase , and the mystical singular, it reveals the mechanisms of her intellectual work in her literary field, and an aesthetic interaction between intellectual activity and literary creativity, So, we purposely neutralized criticism of our mystical poet and analysis of his verses, to reveal the effectiveness of analytic criticism in bringing out the hidden from the text in a framework of interpretation and open reading of the text horizon, and make three approaches: linguistic, semantic, and rhythmic. This text is a milestone for the mystical poet of faith and his taste experience ,this text is at the top f mystical texts in its journey and may reveal some f its knowledge horizons Knowledge has people and faith has orderAnd knowledge is two sciences: rejected and acquiredAnd the time is two days: reprehensible and praisedSo listen with your heart to what comes to you with confidenceI climbed to a mountain without feetI waded through a sea and my feet did not fall into itIts pebbles are gems that no hand has touchedI drank from a hundred irrigated water without a mouthBecause my old soul has thirsted in himI am an orphan and I have a father to whom I take refugeBlind, seeing, and I'm a shrewd idiotAnd boys knew what I knew, they understoodYou met in ancient times themselves Science and its people have experimentsAnd the sea is a ridden and terrified seaAnd people are two, praiseworthy and despisedAnd see with your understanding, for excellence is giftedHe has hardships on othersMy soul fought with him and my heart was terrified of himBut it is in the hands of understanding plunderedand water since it was with the mouths a drink ( )And the body is what it touched before it was put togetherMy heart for his absence, I have not lived distressedAnd I have words, if you like upside downMy companion is accompanied by good deedsSo their sun shone while time was strange