Evaluation of the Arabic language grammar book for the sixth scientific grade In light of linguistic reasoning skills


  • Haider Abdel Zaid Jabr Al Mansouri Al-Qasim Green University / College of Science


calendar, Arabic grammar book, linguistic reasoning


This study aims to evaluate the Arabic language grammar book for the sixth scientific grade in the light of the linguistic reasoning skills. And a questionnaire for analyzing the activities and exercises of the "Arabic Language" book for the sixth scientific grade to see the extent to which they include linguistic reasoning skills, which are eight skills. Its validity was confirmed by presenting it to a group of experts and arbitrators, and they agreed on the appropriateness and validity of these paragraphs with some modifications and additions that they referred to, and its stability was also confirmed, and thus the tool became ready to measure what it was prepared for, and the researcher relied on emptying and quantifying the data on The form of numbers and tables for the repetitions contained in the Arabic Language Grammar Book according to the main skills of (8) skills, and after the analysis and evaluation process was completed, and a set of statistical methods were used to reach the results of the research, using the statistical package (spss) and the use of percentages and repetitions equation and chi-square. In light of the results of the research, the researcher concluded that the theory of linguistic inference is a general framework in the educational process. As it takes into account the individual differences between the learners, each according to his ability, and the researcher believes that the distribution of these skills in the book "Arabic Language" for the sixth scientific grade was not balanced; The reason for this is due to the fact that the authors of these books did not adopt this theory as a declared educational theory in order to rely on its principles, and the indications provided for inference may not have been intended by the same theory. In the light of the results and conclusions of the research, the researcher recommends the need to take care of the neglected linguistic reasoning indicators and include them in Arabic language books, and to inform those in charge of the authors of the latest research and its results; With the aim of benefiting from them in composing solid curricula that take into account the individual differences among learners, and holding seminars and scientific conferences for those in charge of authoring the curricula and teachers of the Arabic language; To show the importance of linguistic reasoning, and the need to include it in the different educational stages. In order to complete this study, the researcher suggested several proposals: 1.Conducting a similar study to evaluate the Arabic language books for the intermediate stage. 2. Conducting a study that seeks to identify the obstacles to the use of teaching strategies that rely on linguistic reasoning for male and female teachers of the Arabic language in the different educational stages