Addressing the crime of money laundering in Iraqi law and international attribution


  • Mohammad Nozari Ferdowsieh Qom State University/ Faculty of Law
  • Rafid Ali tabur Al-Atwani Qom State University/ Faculty of Law Department of Criminal Law


treatment - crime - money laundering - money laundering parties - international support


Technological and economic developments have sought to increase the complexities of life and the spread of the phenomenon of money laundering crime in a large way in many countries, until the international community has a priority to confront this phenomenon through legislations to control and hold conferences and agreements. Thus, as the phenomenon of money laundering is considered one of the most dangerous phenomena that have emerged in the current era of the economy (the era of globalization and economic governance), it has been observed during the past twenty years that there is a global interest in this subject through holding seminars and conferences with international institutions that have set international standards to combat money laundering. He also put in place severe punitive measures by the international community against countries that do not cooperate in adopting the standards in whole or in part.Accordingly, banking and financial institutions are among the most targeted by money launderers and terrorists, in order to conceal their identity and sources of their funds, so it is binding on all units subject to a perception controlled by the Central Bank of Iraq of the risks associated with money laundering. and terrorist financing. And the real that can negatively affect the national and global economy, and the level and seriousness of this crime varies from one country to another, and this is due to the efficiency of financial institutions, in this or that country and its levels, but it can be said that it does not exist at this particular time and we live in the third millennium, A country that has not been affected by this crime in any way, and the crime of money laundering, is one of the white-collar crimes, which is defined as (crimes that are committed by people who have a high position in society, through their