Self-wall and its Relation to Mental Health Among University Students


  • Ahmed hamzah kadhim Attia ALfatlawi Babylon Education Directorate


self-worth, mental health, students, university, Directorate of Education of Babylon


The current research aims to identify: -Self-worth and its relationship to mental health among university students, and to achieve the objectives of the research, the descriptive approach was followed, and this required the provision of two tools, the first to measure self-worth and the second to measure mental health. University of Babylon in the scientific and humanities colleges, whose number reached (21869) students in the morning study, with (9721) males, at a rate of (44%), while the number of females was (12148). male and female students, and used the following statistical methods: (Pearson correlation coefficient, t-test, Cronbach's alpha coefficient, percentage, discrimination coefficient). The researcher reached several results, including:1-University students enjoy self-worth2-University students enjoy mental health3-There is a correlation between self-worth and mental health among university studentsAccording to the results of the research, the researcher came out with a set of recommendations1-Specialists in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research should reconsider curricula and courses that encourage interest in self-worth.2- The need for teachers in colleges to enhance students' selfconfidence and their abilities to achieve achievement and avoid failure in the goals they seek, and this leads to the development of self-worth.3- The need to pay attention to mental health in the research of workers in the fields of psychology, education and social service.4-The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research should develop and implement programs to promote mental health among students.Suggestions:Complementing the results of the research, the researcher suggested several proposals:1- Conducting a study similar to the current study on students of the other educational stages of the preparatory stage.2- Conducting a study on self-worth and its relationship to cognitive-emotional regulation.