The expansion of Assyrian influence in Anatolia during the Old Assyrian Period 2000-1500 B.C


  • Numan Jumha Ibrahim Archaeology Department College of Arts/ Salahaddin University – Erbil
  • Rukhsar Abdulghafoor Taha Department/ College of Arts Salahaddin University – Erbil


Assyrian influence, Anatolia, Trade, Exports, Imports


Commercial activity is one of the main aspects of civilization in ancient and modern times, poverty and lack of certain raw meterials in Mesopotamia have affected the rise of trade and the development of foreign relations with the region and neighboring countries, it’s oldest relation were with Anatolia, Which imported some minerals and stones from Anatolia to meet the needs of the population. This relationship began in ancient times and reached its peak in the early second millennium B.C, as inscriptions show that Assyrian merchents made organized trips to import thes raw materials. Assyrian trade is considered important and the most influential factor in strengthening civilizational relations with the cities and regions of Anatolia, Similarly, these trade voyages reflected the out come of various civilizations during the Second millennium B.C, including economics, beliefs, concepts, Social traditions, languge and writing. Trade relations between Mesopotamia and Anatolia were interrupted during the regin of the Assyrian king (Shamshi Adad I), but the reason of the interruption is still unclear, but archaeological excavations in the third layer in the (Kansh) indicate the presence of fire, suggesting that this area was destroyed by fire or war, but later rebuilt by its inhabitants. The Assyrian Empire established the first rules for international relations and links in the field of trade exchange with many countries and regions, especially Anatolia, after it established many commercial stations, where it witnessed manifestations of sophistication and progress in this field. In this research, we try to shed light on the active and important role of trade in the emergence and development of the cultural relations and connections of the Assyrians with Anatolia through commercial activities