Hadiths of Heaven and Hell in the Two Sahihs


  • Nof Mohammed Saleh Al-Othaim Al Qussaim university College of Arabic Language and Social Studies the department of Arabic language


Sunnah, Heaven, Hell, hadiths, rhetoric


The Sunnah of the Prophet has a high position in Islam, as it is the second source of legislation, and studying the statement of the Messenger of God is one of the requirements of his love, and standing on one of the pillars of faith that relates to the Last Day and reward and punishment is an unseen matter that no one knows about except through the Book and the Sunnah, and we are required to believe in this matter The unseen, and the texts of the Sunnah, in which various artistic images were drawn, showing scenes of heaven and hell, and they are stylistic systems that teach and direct, and an exquisite rhythm that adds beauty and elegance. It motivates us towards diligence in seeking Paradise, and makes us renounce everything that keeps us away from it. Therefore, I chose to study the words of Paradise and Hell in the Two Sahihs, and I based the research on an introduction, two chapters, and a conclusion.In the preamble, I talked about the eloquence of the Messenger and its superiority over human eloquence, the characteristics of the Prophet’s hadith, and the characteristics of his style. I also talked about the qualities of its meanings, then in the first chapter I dealt with the singular in the hadiths of Heaven and Hell, and it was in two chapters, the first in which I talked about choosing the singular word in terms of its substance In the second topic, I studied the single word in terms of its form.This educational discourse was a turning point in the history of all mankind, and it is worth mentioning that we should be aware that the impact of his call and his discourse does not stop at uniting God, reforming society and morals, and establishing the rituals of religion. The good and the good, the hadith of the Prophet came according to the usual style of the Arabs in communication, and if it had ascended in the ladder of eloquence and eloquence to the highest layers of human eloquence, then the eloquence of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, lies on the bridge between the miraculousness of the Qur’an and the eloquence of the eloquent.