Addressing semiotics In the poetry of Abdul Amir Khalil Murad


  • Hassan Ghanem Al-Janabi College of Arts - University of Babylon


semiotics, poetry, Abdul Amir Khalil Murad, title functions, title structures


The title part has received the attention of scholars and researchers in the signs of creative texts of all kinds, in view of the various signs and connotations that these titles carry. Despite the fact that the title represents a sign that enjoys relative independence from the structure of the text, it (the title) plays a major role - when it is a parallel text that contributes to its structure and location in the text - in being an important entry point for the study of the creative text, especially the literary one, as it is a key foundation. It helps the analyst to penetrate the deep depths of the text, in order to interrogate and interpret it. In view of the foregoing, these sheets represent a research paper in (the semiotics of addressing in the poetry of Abd al-Amir Khalil Murad), as it came as an attempt at dialogue with the titles of the poet (Abd al-Amir Khalil) .. in his four collections of poetry that we have in our hands, the aim of which is to question its signs And shedding light on its dimensions semiotically, and here it must be noted that we will stand on the main headings of the four collections and then the view from their balconies to the sub-headings related to them, i.e. the titles of the texts that are within the poetic collections, which represent internal intertexts with the main title of this or that group, Let us see the nature of the relationship between the main heading and the sub-headings related to it in a certain way, as well as discussing the panels of the covers of the collections and trying to interpret them and interrogate their signs, if we take into account that these panels can represent pictorial reading horizons or reveal a color of the relationship between the cover panel - which is In the four aggregates, it was a schematic image, and between the contents and contents of those aggregates.