Accumulation of modernity values in the media


  • Bader Nasser Hussein University of Babylon Babylon Center for Cultural and Historical Studies


Disinformation, modernity, social media


The media represents one of the most important social functions, as a form of social organization for any country, and it is capable of creating interaction with various institutions and other organizations in society. The extent to which the media can become the only window for everything that is published, broadcast, or heard that the media allows will be These means are the only way to confront the torrent of counter messages. The media images presented through the media contribute to shaping the attitudes of individuals and draw mental pictures for them of the features of lived reality. The importance of the need to organize the media is highlighted as it is linked to the nature of public order in all its changes, and thus the importance of control and control over Its outputs. Between two types of media (objective media style - misleading media style) Where the public is exposed to conflicting waves of opinions and ideas, and with the development of technology, the work of the media faces complex technological and cultural challenges. The effects of the means of communication turn into strange forces and indirectly affect society, and it tries to create intellectual fears related to hidden control or creating anxiety in societies, and this concern has its justifications and its clear history. The media phenomenon is like information that hides other information behind it. introductory And behind it hides a vision and biases that predict a materialistic vision in which values disappear under the pretext of their rationality. Therefore, media who have the tools to confront facts reveal a flood of obfuscation, war, interpretation and penalties. The interest of this research extends to linking the manifestations of modernity with the media, and how contemporary media respond to the discourse of modernity and manufacture Its own values, the research consists of an introduction and a methodological framework, and two chapters, the first of which is related to contemporary media, and the second is the overlap of modernity with the media.