Interception is a Stylistic Controller in the Poetry of Jameel Buthaina


  • Essam Mahmoud Kreikesh Anbar University - College of Arts - Department of Arabic Language


Jameel Buthaina - Interception - the Poetry – Stylistic - Controller


Researching the characteristics of the literary text leads us in one way or another to the concept of stylistic study, which lies in the element of choice that depends on the element of distribution. They are governed by the motives inherent in the soul and that formed the language in the unconscious. Sciences divine grants, and specialized talents, in a continuous product. The linguistic and literary heritage that we have confirms that this task was not limited to the ancients, but the late after them continued to be active in the construction and perpetuation of this construction.Here lies the importance of this study, which sheds light on the field of interception of Jameel Buthaina and his approach and its impact on his poetry from a linguistic point of view.The interception is only one stage of the stages of ruling and difference and it is a natural result of mental development of Arabic scientists, therefore, no one deals with it except those who owned the corner of the language and its rules. Thus, this study required to be divided into two sections:The first section: deals with a theoretical aspect about the concept of interception, or more precisely interceptive sentences, and exposing their positions and connotations in the context of speech.The second section: deals with the applied aspect in the poetry of Jameel Buthaina, which is dominant by a stylistic interception with a clear impact. He employed it to give connotations and poetic images that had an impact on the soul and touches human feelings.The research concluded with the most important results reached by the researcher with a list of dependable sources