Al-Dhal Chapter of Muthana Al-Munshi's Book by Muhammad bin Badr Al-Din Al-Munshi (died in 1001 A.H): A Study and Investigation


  • Rana Abdul Majeed Mansour College ofArts- Anbar University
  • Mustafa Kamil Ahmed College of Arts- Anbar University


Dhal, Duality, Al-Mushi Badr Al-Din


The Arabic language included various linguistic phenomena, and among these phenomena: the phenomenon of the Muthanna (the duble-face), and I do not mean by it the grammatical duality, nor the Taghlibi Muthanna, but what is meant by it: what has two sides (two faces) in pronunciation, and Muhammad bin Badr Al-Din Al-Manshi (D. The linguistic phenomenon is in a special dictionary that he named: Muthanna Al-Manshi, in which he was confined to the collection of dichotomy of different meanings. The study included three sections, the first section included the definition of Al-Muthanna and its dictionary, the second section dealt with the study of the section of humiliation from the dictionary, and the third section dealt with the description of the written copies and the method of investigation. As for the second section, it included the investigated text (Chapter of Humiliation), and I concluded the research with a conclusion in which I mentioned the most important findings of the research, and appended the research with the sources and references that I benefited from. This research studies and investigates the chapter of Al-Dhal. It is a part of Al-Munshi’s book. It is written by Muhammad bin Badr Al-Din Al-Munshi who died in 1001 A.H. The book is considered a special lexicon that Al-Manshi dedicated to collecting the linguistic phenomenon of Duality. It was limited to collecting various meanings of Duality