Mechanism for referring the international crime of genocide against minorities to the International Criminal Court For researcher


  • Hussein Saad Mohsen Kufa Cement Factory
  • Mohsen Hassan Qadir Qom State University Iran


genocide, the International Criminal Court, population minorities


The principles of the Islamic religion are a religion of peace, love, and tolerance, and that these principles are the basis for peaceful coexistence and basic human rights, in addition to the human rights principles endorsed by all contemporary international and national laws.From here, the idea of the study is based on delving into the criminal law of this crime and knowing the possibility of prosecuting the criminals and the perpetrators, starting from the national laws and leading to identifying the ways and obstacles to conduct their trial in the International Criminal Court.The most prominent research necessity is to indicate the extents of international criminal justice represented by the International Criminal Court or not, as well as to establish the legal foundations that guarantee the right of minorities who are subjected to genocide by international terrorist ideology in the event that those minorities are located in countries that have not signed the Rome law The foundation upon which the International Criminal Court was formedThe main objective of the research is to show the paths of the criminal law related to the crime of genocide against minorities at the national and international levels through researching the obstacles and ways of criminalizing them in accordance with the Rome Statute on which the International Criminal Court relied.One of the most important features of this study is its focus on genocide crimes against minorities, as it is, according to the researcher’s knowledge, one of the rare studies that dealt with this aspect, if not the first