The city of Fas in the writings of historians (192 AH)


  • Jehan Saleh Assi Al-Asadi University of Kufa / College of Arts / Department of History
  • Nawal Turki Musa Al-Moussawi University of Kufa / College of Arts / Department of History


Fas, Idris State, Idris II, writings, historians


The study was devoted to the city of Fas, the capital of the school, in the writings of Muslim historians, and on the reasons for the construction of the city, the most important of which was the narrow old city of the State of the school, which is And Lily. The study first included: The name Fas was named with Fas for several reasons, including the name of the Old City that before Fas was in its place. The city also had several meanings, including Fas cutting trees, and finding a large amount of gold inscribed on it the name Fas and other reasons for naming, secondly: Choosing the location of the city of Fas. The choice of this place had several reasons, including the abundance of fresh eyes, many trees and moderate air, as well as the natural immunity of the city. It was on a plateau so that the enemy could not reach it. Its founder sought to achieve safety and protection for people, ease, benefit and prosperity for them. The planning of the city was based on the bases on which Baghdad was built, the most important of which was the economic, strategic and commercial location, i.e., its location on the roads and commercial tracks. City Building Includes: Building (Adwan Al-Karawi, Adwan Al-Andalisi) The city was built by Idriss to remind God of it and read his book and urged its people to adhere to the Book and the Prophet's Sunnah. Idriss also got people involved in building Fas in order to speed up the task of completing the construction The construction included a neighbourhood of villagers and a neighbourhood of Andalusians, novels about the construction of the city of Fas in the writings of historians The city's community consisted of Arabs coming with the Adrisi family. The Berbers were people of the region, Jews and Christ, joined by two categories coming from Córdoba and the second came from Kairouan. Everyone had a great impact on the establishment, advancement and development of the city of Fas in all aspects. They understood the thousand lives of the Islamic city, as well as the conclusion and list of sources and references