The Urban Scope Of The City Of Baghdad Was In The Writings Of Andalusians


  • Marjoussin Saleh Assadi University of Kufa/Faculty of Arts/Department of History
  • Noal Turki Musa Al-Moussawi University of Kufa/Faculty of Arts/Department of History


Urban Range, Baghdad City, Writings, Andalusia


The textbooks or Andalusian sources that speak of Baghdad have been characterized by a few And that is because Andalusian writings are territorial writings that speak of Andalusia, In addition, the majority of Andalusia's heritage has been lost with the loss of Islam. But in our research, we have been able to collect not a few Andalusian writings written by the Andalusians and their inhabitants or writers who have come to Andalusia and settled in them. Or a book that they are not originally from Andalusians or residents in, but they wrote about Andalusia and specialized in writing about it and knew about it.The study on the urban scope of the city of Baghdad was in the writings of Andalusians and included: First: The motives of choosing the city of Baghdad, the most important of which was the presence of the Abbasid caliphate. This is one of the oldest cities in the world, especially in the Islamic world. Second: The form and dimension of Baghdad City was the form of the City of Baghdad Maduro, with a turnover of 20 miles and on the right bank of the Tigris River. The construction of Baghdad City began in Baghdad in 145 A.D. After the land was divided into four sections, each of which was supervised by a man from the army commanders, a man from the loyalists and a man from the engineers. After the completion of the construction, Mansur Al-Abbasi transferred the coffers, downs and money houses, fourth: The West and East sides of Baghdad have built the Old City of Baghdad on two sides: the West Side, which has become a ruin over time, and the East Side, where palaces and mosques have been built and the objects divided, Fifth: Baghdad city bridges built in Baghdad are three bridges linking the cities of Baghdad and Russafa, but one of these bridges collapsed due to time factors. The doors of Baghdad City had internal and external doors. The interior had four doors and the exterior also had four doors. Each door had its own name, seventh: Baghdad City graves are a Baghdad City whale on many graves. And from the habits of the people of Baghdad and their tradition of visiting cemeteries, they had a day every Friday to visit a sheikh from these elders and a day for another sheikh, and so to the end of the week, In addition, the conclusion contained a number of findings, including that Baghdad had a distinct place in sources and studies. s cultural impact in Andalusia has been clear and comprehensive in all areas of public life, the list of sources and references