The impact of legal protection of the environment on the values of society in Iraq


  • Rajah Matroud Mazal Al-Aboudi Faculty of Law, University of Qom - Department of Criminal Law and Criminology
  • Mohsen Qadeer Faculty of Law, University of Qom
  • Nasser Karimish Al-Jourani Faculty of Law - Dhi Qar University


The environment - community values - legal protection - environmental crime - environmental pollution


The environment and its preservation from pollution have become at the forefront of the issues that countries and international organizations attach great importance to at this time because of their harm to human health and the environment together, and before that. The efforts of those countries and international organizations have emerged in protecting the environment in general and the air environment in particular. Islamic law considers preserving the environment a religious duty. As one of the necessities of human life itself. There is no doubt that the legal protection of the environment, according to its modern concept in Iraq, is very important and occupies the thinking of many researchers and thinkers, as well as occupies the time of many legislative, executive and judicial state institutions. higher and entrenched in the hearts of individuals, which helps to develop a criminal policy to protect the environment and that this legal protection becomes one of the beliefs that are characterized by its relative continuity, and these values are what direct people towards goals or means to achieve them. This protection is based on deeply rooted values in the hearts of individuals, so it has a preventive and important aspect in confronting environmental crime Thus, following a preventive criminal policy to confront environmental crime and the use of administrative and social control methods to protect the Iraqi environment has a clear role in consolidating those values in the hearts of individuals and the community, which reflects this on their behavior. Applying this principle such as environmental impact assessment and administrative authorization, there is a big difference between the use of preventive methods and remedial methods