The end of brevity By Muhammad bin Al-Hassan Al-Husseini Al-Khorasani study and realization


  • Qassem Rahim Hassan University of Babylon Babylon Center for Civilization Studies
  • Jawad Kazem Abed Muthanna University Faculty of Basic Education


Arabic language, grammar, orjoza, grammar


This grammatical poem tagged with (Nihayat al-Ijaz) was written by Sayyid Muhammad Ibn al-Sayyid , the scholar Hassan al-Hindi al-Khorasani, written in the year (1278 AH), in a hundred verses. It was mentioned by the student of Sheikh Ali bin Muhammad bin Hasan al-Kunabadi with his explanation.This poem has its importance, as his student explained it, and Sheikh Agha Buzurk mentioned that when he said: “Explanation of the end of the brief) in grammar by Sheikh Ali bin Muhammad bin Hassan bin Sheikh Ali Naqi Al-Kanabadi (Al-Janabadi) Al-Khorasani and the text of the professor of the commentator, according to what appears from the introduction to its printing in the year 1300 AH, which The Shariah died in it. The grammatical systems represented an educational pattern that our advanced scholars took care of . To facilitate understanding of the grammar of the language , and to facilitate what is ambiguous.They employed poetry systems in formulating those systems that would facilitate the teaching of grammar rules, facilitate their memorization, and quickly recall them in time of need . Because memorizing the rule is a way to move away from melody, expression in classical language, and the diversity of grammatical systems between a poem on one rhyme to a multi-rhymed poem, and between systems in one issue of grammar issues to Urjouzah that includes all issues of grammar and its sections.