The predicate style in the protests of Imam al-Rida (peace be upon him) The negation style is a model


  • Muhammad Hassan Keitan University of Babylon/College of Islamic Sciences/Department The Language of the Qur’an
  • Ali Hassouni Sharifi University of Babylon/College of Islamic Sciences/Department The Language of the Qur’an


negation, theoretical study, negation tools, rules and controls, analysis study, underlining


The research sheds light on the news smethod, which is one of the pillars of protest upon which it is based in establishing a conversational communicative relationship between two parties, one of whom is the addressee (the speaker) and the other is the addressee (the receiver), and by various synthetic linguistic methods to build argumentative arguments with a purpose in which the speaker expresses his evidence and proofs in order to influence The recipient and his persuasion, we find the speaker enriches his argumentative discourse with news methods consistent with the mental and psychological nature of the recipient, as well as looking at the status of the situation and the circumstances surrounding the conversational process Among these declarative methods is the negation method, in which it generates a state of direct influence on the mind of the intended listener in the argumentative process as well as the listeners, resulting in doubt and hesitation in the soul of the listener. The listener is in confusion, resulting in responses that the speaker aspires to in order to convince the listener, influence his evidence, weaken it, and raise doubts about it. You notice in the protests of Imam al-Ridha (peace be upon him) in the Council of al-Ma’mun the diversity of the recipients’ religions, and the presence of ideological orientations that deviate from the path of truth. Within a linguistic structure and with expressive literary and rhetorical methods aimed at understanding and understanding the recipients, and we will show this in the contents of our research And we find that Imam Al-Reza (peace be upon him) took the negation as a door in proving the true beliefs and nullifying the deviant beliefs and in ways that are very accurate and sober, plot and sobriety, and in a moral and educational manner that has the highest levels of persuasive influence and with rational and logical evidence supported by the heavenly books, and the sayings of the prophets and guardians, so his speech (upon him be peace) was Al-Salam) is an argumentative discourse based on affirmative negation and definitive reporting with certainty that there is no doubt or doubt about it, and we will explain this in the contents of our research