Reformist Manifestations In The Holy Qur’an Of The Revolutionary Personality


  • Muhammad Jaber Alwan Al-Husseini College of Islamic Sciences University of Babylon Department of Jurisprudence and its Fundamentals
  • Amer Omran Al-Khafaji College of Islamic Sciences University of Babylon Department of Jurisprudence and its Fundamentals


Manifestations, the Holy Quran, reform, prophets, personality, revolution


importance of the idea of reformism stands out in terms of its essence. It is a call and foundation for the necessity of correcting and amending the "crookedness" in the lives of nations and beliefs (religious and worldly), meaning that it coincides with the content of "straightforwardness" and "the straight path" as the symbolic and graphic formula for reforming "deviation" and "deviation and delusion." On the "first ideas", "high ideals" and "origins", therefore, the emergence of the idea of uprightness and the straight path is equivalent to the meaning of steadfastness in the path of truth and truth, and then the straight path means nothing but the path of truth and its history, which made the "history of truth" on Persistence is the most crooked type of integrity, because it contains all possibilities and all possibilities, just as the reformist idea always contains the meaning of criticism and modification of the course of life, thinking and beliefs. Rigid and fatal to the mind and conscience, as it is the movement of permanent renewal, i.e. the natural state of the historical process in the life of nations.This makes us acknowledge the possibility of creating the leadership personality from a combination of material, moral, genetic and practical factors as well, and this in turn confirms that the accumulated experience represents an important factor in the success of leaders in making the appropriate decision, and that leadership talent is not absent in crises and urgent decisions, especially since the internal reality is witnessing semi-crises. daily throughout The country, some of which may be very dangerous and complex, which calls for a unique presence of the leadership personality capable of decisiveness, direction and moving forward, and I see that the true vision of the reformist base of the revolutionary personality and which is marked by faith and morals and their connection with them and their manifestation is the first thing. It was presented that there is a direct relationship between faith and morals, so whenever the faith is true and strong, it produces good morals, and in this he says the most complete believers in faith are the best in morals