A Study into Makkah and Hijaz Status Based on Al-Mustabser History BookBy Ibn Al-Mujawir


  • Thikra Mohamed Kadhum University of Basra/ Basra and Arab Gulf Studies Center


Makkah, Taif, Rulers, Al Hakhm, It's names


One of the most important sources tha One of the most important sources that dealt with the conditions of Makkah and the Hijaz is the book “The History of Al-Mustabasir” by Ibn Al-Mujawar, where he presented in his book the geographical location of Makkah and the most important names that were given to it through his narrations. Others such as Taif and Hijaz and their division, and Yemen and the most important states in it. He also dealt with historical events and economic events in those countries. He mentions cities in all their details because his approach was not purely geographical. Rather, it is more like being encyclopedic and we can adopt it as a historical, geographical and economic source because it mentions historical events through its narratives. In addition to the accurate geographical description, the book of Ibn Al-Majawar was not only a geographical book, but included within it valuable historical information and dealt with by Ibn Al-Majawar in an interesting manner, including mentioning the story of the conquest of the Commander of the Faithful Ali bin Abi Talib (peace be upon him) for the mountains of Bani Salim, where he tells us the whole story and how the Muslims were helpless About conquering those mountains until the most honorable Messenger Muhammad (may God bless him and his family) summoned the Commander of the Faithful Ali Ibn Abi Talib and managed to conquer them and called him the dragonfly of religion by saying what he said: “I read in some books that Banu Sulaym in pre-Islamic times had great bees, so if An enemy came to them smoking in the aquaria, meaning bees, and it was flying and the air was rising, showing to the beholder a resemblance to a cloud due to its abundance, and when it rose, it descended and descended on the enemy’s horses and grieved against them, and then the enemy’s horses were defeated from their hands, and the Banu Sulaym had subdued all their enemies with this art and remained They remained in their condition until God Almighty showed Islam and the Prophet (and those with him of the Companions) went out to these actions, so the Banu Sulaym did what was previously mentioned. Islam and the city of the Noble Messenger Muhammad (may God bless him and his family and grant him peace) held the banners of the Muslims and strengthened matters of religion, just as the Hijaz is a middle region between the civilization of the Arabs of the south and the civilization of the Arabs of the North. .t this research adopted is Al-Mustabser History Book By Ibn Al-Mujawir, it mentions The geographical location of Makkah, the most important names of it, and also Makkah rulers. In addition to Makkah other important details of other districts in the region as Taif, Hijaz, and Yemen as well as historical and economic events, this book demonstrates different details of these districts as his approach wasn't considered with geography alone, but more like comprehensive. It could be deemed as a geographical, historical, and economical source; in addition to the historical facts, it maintains an accurate geographical description