Narrative discourse and its representations in the contemporary Iranian theatrical text )Akbar Rady as a model(


  • Ayad Mohammed Hussain Babylon Center for Cultural and Historical Studies


narrative discourse, Iranian theatrical text, Akbar Rady


Theatrical art is one of the most important cultural data that coincided with the intellectual and artistic movement within civilized societies, to paint its images or to address its problems at all levels. Therefore, the Iranian theatrical art played an important role in this field, even if it came later than its peers in other civilizations and nations, but it was able to keep pace with it and outperform some of it. The Iranian theater is one of the modern theaters that came with the cultural renaissance of the Qajars, which was able to keep pace with the global theatrical movement and present a solid intellectual product. In the field of writing theatrical text, the Iranian writer was able to present theatrical texts in accordance with the textual controls and standards adopted by the Western author, so his intellectual production was a true expression of the social reality in all its forms and images. Some historians consider that the Iranian theater began with the writer Akhwan Zadeh and Mirza Agha Tabrizi. In this field of our research, we chose the playwright Akbar Rady, who contributed extensively to the contemporary Iranian theatrical production through his many plays and writings, and his style and textual and narrative treatments were highlighted through his play "Az Pesht Shisha Ha" meaning "From Behind the Windows". , whose events revolve around the issue of isolation and alienation, including the isolation of the thinker and the intellectual from society, his alienation, and his closing in on himself, due to his collision with the social reality surrounding him, which is not commensurate in any way with his thought, temperament, behaviors, and ambition. The writer was very successful in his textual and narrative treatments, in line with the events of the play.