The strangeness in the stories of Anmar may God have mercy on him


  • Zainab Satie Abbas Arabic language teacher / works in technical supervision in the School Activity Department of the Muthanna Education Directorate


Exoticism, Texts, Stories, Anmar, Miraculousness


Texts are a wide world, and the different ways in which texts are woven increases their magnificence and beauty, and the exotic texts that are colored in a strange form that is different from the familiar and sideways to the path of hierarchical narration are texts that have become known for their identity and give their writer distinction and uniqueness, and I chose Anmar, God’s mercy, because he pervades all his writings Marvelous literature, where there are writers and authors who write in the exotic, but in a small way that hardly appears clearly, and that is why our readings were in the product of the four signs of God’s mercy, all of which flow into this exceptional literary tributary. He brings back to us, in one way or another, the stories of myths, myths, and tales that take place according to the Sunnah of the jinn and the gods, but in a modern and contemporary way. Rigid and makes it a person to talk to him and feel his pain with him and discuss his ideas, the research standing on some stories of Anmar has shed criticism on the drama, adventure and the shocking end, and thus increases the suspense of the narration by making it not different from the idea but different from the event and the dialogue as well, and from here the exotic texts acquire their color and character The difference is in ambiguity, obscurity, and sometimes obscurity, and this is exactly what we tried to apply and clarify by researching the depths of the texts of Anmar, God's mercy.