The impact of German Philosophers and Thinkers and their Intellectual Propositions on the Political and Economic Reality in Germany (1905-1933) "select models''


  • Nadia Jasem Kadhim Al-Shammari University of Babylon Babylon Centre for cultural and historical Studies


The Impact of intellectuals, Scientific theories, German Philosophers, Political and Economic Reality, Germany, Intellectual dissertations


The study revealed the leadership talents affecting German society and the different professional roles of German thinkers and philosophers as theorists, preachers, authors of political and economic books, writers of novels, articles and political notes, editors-in-chief of German academic journals, and lawyers who defended the rights of German society, who had a clear impact through their formulation of scientific and intellectual theories and their authorship of books, which has been translated into various languages with the aim of enlightening the minds of Germans with science and knowledge, which is an essential condition for obtaining political and cultural freedoms, and increasing their awareness of intellectual, political, social and economic concepts and urging them to claim their rights and unleash their freedoms and their emphasis on cooperation between democratic socialist institutions and trade unions on the one hand and workers, engineers and intellectuals on the one hand On the other hand, to confront the exploited capitalist class for their efforts. The study explained that most of the publications of German philosophers and thinkers included photographs of German military developments, experiences and plans in war battles, pictures of German planes that were employed in World War I, and pictures of German soldiers who showed great courage and were martyred in these battles, especially the book published by the German philosopher Ernst Junker. In 1933, entitled "War and Warriors" to commemorate and preserve their military history. These books had a great impact on the feelings of German soldiers, reminding them of the heroism and experiences of the former, drawing on their military experiences, and urging them to continue the war against the enemies, as well as German thinkers and philosophers delivering political, economic and intellectual speeches that emphasized all An individual must combine military discipline and self-sacrifice in order to establish a German society based on justice, equality, and serving the German homeland with all dedication and sincerity, which is one of the true Socialist principles that will eliminate Capitalism.