Hope And Pain In Contemporary Iraqi Poetry


  • Rasim Ahmed Ebys Aljryawy Jamieat Babil / Alasasiayat Alearabia


Dualism, Pain And Hope, Contemporary Iraqi Poetry


The True Meaning of life. the poet's concern wants to transcend the current situation of life; in order to reach another, more valuable level, and this type is a psychological state that is necessary for development, and it is the right of the contemporary poet to feel sadness and pain and aspire to the aspirations of his will; because he sees the world in an image that does not satisfy his feelings and feelings, and he rejects this image and asks for an alternative to it. in addition, the contemporary iraqi poets were keen to establish a degree of balance between creativity and commitment in the poem, in addition to their keenness to turn their pain into a political pain and at the same time turn it into a human tragedy. in order for it to become a song for all the wanted and the oppressed in various parts of the world, and iraq in particular, and for some hope to remain for the present and the future, in what resembles fegel's reaction on the tragic side. The Research consisted of a theoretical introduction to the concept of hope and pain and the reasons and place of writing them. the first topic talked about hope in contemporary iraqi poetry, its theoretical basis and its applications in iraqi poetry. the other topic dealt with pain in contemporary iraqi poetry and its theoretical basis and applications in iraqi poetry. and a conclusion dealing with the most important findings of the research. and a list of sources and references from which the research drew its ideas and texts. in conclusion, we hope that god, glory be to him, will make this work of ours a service to knowledge and its people, and our last prayer is that praise be to god, lord of the worlds, and peace be upon you abundantly.