Grammatical Selection of Ibn Abī Al-Rabī in his Interpretation of "Surat Al-Baqarah As a Model"


  • Saad Mohammed Ahmed University of Al Mosul / College of Basic Education Arabic Language Department


Selection, Ibn Abī Al-Rabī, Interpretation, Grammatical, Surat


The interest of Arabic linguists focused on serving the Noble Qur’an, so various linguistic studies appeared ~ Various of sound, morphology, metamorphosis, eloquence, and with them, and other studies ~ that recorded the knowledge of scholars in the various fields of language, clarifying its subtleties and comprehending its methods ~ It was It is the matter of scholars that no one is based on the interpretation of the Noble Qur’an or its syntax except for an encyclopedic scholar ~ knowledge of the languages of the Arabs, well-versed in the rules and principles of the Arabic language. One face, and a weakening of the other, which was the reason for choosing this topic; Because his grammatical choices are an important tributary to enrich the grammatical lesson, as well as his morphological, rhetorical and linguistic choices, which will be devoted to another research, and the research in his grammatical choices is important, so the title was: (Ibn Abi al-Rabi` al-Tahweeh’s choices in his interpretation of “Surat Al-Baqarah” A model”), and his interpretation – may God have mercy on him – was characterized by precious grammatical choices, blinding an important lesson in the method choosing the convolutional aspect. The meaning has different forms within a single structure, and among his choices he did not accept the grammarian doctrine, as he was often inclined to the visual doctrine when the issue contained contention, and the research was based on extrapolation~ Ibn Abi Al-Rabee’s choices from his interpretation, and classification It is divided into two parts: the first section, it relates to his Arabic preferences, which does not contain a difference of piety, and the second part relates to his grammatical preferences that relate to Oman jansiyah in grammar, and from an old research that the mention of the honorable verse did not mention the words of Ibn Abi al-Rabi’, the sayings of the scholars were not presented In the issue concerned, in order for us to know the premise of Al-Tahwi (Mentist Ost Mufas Al-At 100m) On the reading of Asim Ibn Abi Al-Nujud Ab Tao), and God made clear the country of those who preceded the exegetes and Arabizers, and he was influenced by them, but he touched it on independent scientific drivers, so he was not only an affected transmitter. , and this indicates the strength of his knowledge and his vast knowledge of knowledge and manqa, and he had uniqueness in the Bedouins, which indicates his highness in this peace, and his deity took a wide honor with the inflectional divorce, and he is interested except that there is a potential gap, which ~Big blinds in the lesson ~ Feeling ~ Choices Ventilation