Arab social life


  • Batool Abbas Fadel University of Mosul / College of Education for Human Sciences / Department of History
  • Nidal Muayyad Mal Allah University of Mosul / College of Education for Human Sciences / Department of History


Arabs, life, social status, Arab society, formations


The aim of this research is to study the social life of the Arabs in the pre-Islamic period and the era of the message, and to show the basic elements that make up the Arab society in the Arabian Peninsula, where the Arabs formed the most important element from which the Arab society was formed, and to demonstrate the pride of the Arabs in their lineages and tribes and their pride in them, then we talked about the loyalists who formed part Regardless of the formations of Arab society and the Arabs’ view of them before Islam, where there was no law regulating the relationship between the master and his masters, and then showing the position of Islam towards the master, the principle of brotherhood and equality became the basis that governs the relationship between the master and his masters, and faith became the criterion of differentiation between people, and the master occupied a lot of The important functions of the state in Islam, in addition to talking about the dhimmis of the Jews and Christians, the Arab community knew these religions and dealt with their adherents, and with the advent of Islam, the principle of tolerance, good treatment, and safety was adopted as a basis for dealing with them. And the practice of some trades, and the view of them differed after Islam, as the Islamic religion sought to T There is no doubt that the existence of these elements and their customs and values and their interaction with the people of other groups led to the influence of each of them on the other. ) from her status by saying: ((Women are the sisters of men)), and marriage was talked about considering that marriage is the basis of the universe. Before Islam, the Arabs knew several types of marriage. Through it, the relationship between the spouses and gave both parties their right by emphasizing on several matters, including engagement, dowry, publicity, and the existence of desire and acceptance on both sides, given that the family is the basic building block in the formation of a good society, as the Arabs before Islam knew divorce, and it had rules, custom, and reasons, and with the advent of Islam those rules were organized by those who Through a group of Quranic texts that showed the number of pregnant and non-pregnant divorced women from guaranteeing the rights of that woman after her divorce, and the research reviewed the role of Islam in examining some of the values that the delegation The approach to it from ignorance and its treatment is a positive treatment that is consistent with the vision of Islam.