The Iraqi government's policy towards the Assyrians and the British position Including 1918-1933


  • Ali Talib Obaid Al-Sultani Imam Al-Kadhim College / Babylon departments


The Iraqi government, the Assyrians, Britain, the patriarch, the Christian minorities.


The major colonial countries took the pretext of protecting Christian minorities, as a tool to penetrate the affairs of states to achieve their goals and the many other interests to achieve their goals, and throughout them, and the quality of the presence of Christians in the Arab region permeated with tragedies that prompted them to become a people in despair for their future. The religious (patriarch), until immigration forced them to leave their mountains, and despite the political culture, he did not understand the solution of restoring the glories of the Assyrian empire, but that solution collided with a bitter reality, camp and they lived in Baquba camp near Baghdad, the divisions benefited the mandate forces that did not hesitate to intervene to benefit from the tribesmen The Assyrians formed armies and forces from them, a turbulent game between the British occupation authorities of Iraq, then this small people was neglected and excluded from the theater of politics and decision, which prompted us to shed light on an example of that, which is the policy of the Iraqi government towards the Assyrians and the British position towards it 1918-1933. There is no other British position in Persia, Iraq, and Turkey until the year 1918, and the second axis discussed the British Center the First World War, which issued the third and final axis concerned with the period that ends the World War until the year 1933, when the Simele massacre took place against them