Synonym of accompaniment In the prayer of the scar


  • Anwar Rahim Jabr Certificate: Ph.D. Arabic Language/Quranic Linguistic Studies University of Babylon / College of Education for Human Sciences / Department of Arabic Language


We scar and scar well, I think


Linguistic accompaniment appears in many places, whether it is in the Noble Qur’an or in the aphorisms of supplications and acts of worship, such as the supplication of Al-Nadabah, for example.Among the terms that appear in the Holy Qur’an (prayer and zakat, hunger and fear, heaven and fire, jinn and mankind) they are meanings that are almost inseparable from each other. The difference in phrases and names leads to the different meanings that are recognized, the words may differ in the order of their letters and their form, but their meaning is close in terms of linguistic context and meaning, as is the case in the difference between (science and knowledge). The word “knowledge” is used to distinguish the known from the other, and the word “knowledge” does not benefit from another type of specificity in mentioning the known.The same is the case with the difference between (forgiveness and forgiveness), for you say: I forgave him, which necessitates that you erased punishment and pain from him, and you say: I forgave him, which necessitates that you concealed his sin and did not expose him by it, and forgiveness of sins is often from God Almighty for the children of Adam.Among the linguistic accompaniments that were mentioned in the supplication of Al-Nadabah is their saying to God Almighty (the mighty in strength), which is one of the attributes of God Almighty.Linguistic accompaniment is a phenomenon that is present in the Arabic language as it is found in other languages. The word “green” may be used with the word “herb,” so it is said: “green grass.” The word “barking” usually comes with the word “dog,” so it is said: “The dog barked.” Or (the dog's barking). The accompaniment of the modernists by which the word is known through its context and represents part of the meaning of the word. The connotation is reached in other fields such as the maqam context and there are words accompanying other words with the possibility of expressing them in phrases. Linguistic accompaniments have a role in acquiring words with special connotations