Techniques of stylistic and rhetorical artistic symbol in the poetry of Bashar bin Burd and Abi Tammam (Proverbs, legend and myth as a model)


  • Kazem Shabib Kazem Al-Tai University of Babylon/ College of Education for Human Sciences
  • Faten Fadel Kazem Al-Obaidi University of Babylon/ College of Education for Human Sciences


Technical symbol, stylistics, rhetoric, proverbs, legend


This research aims to investigate the use of the poets Bashar bin Burd and Abi Tammam for the literary styles (the proverb) and (myth and myth) as two symbolic techniques that poets use to express their thoughts and feelings; Due to their many technical features or characteristics, they achieve a set of purposes and objectives.These symbolic tools are closely related to people's daily lives. People are represented in the situations and events that concern them in their lives. They are among the most prominent cultural references that contribute to the formation of people's awareness and perceptions, and it is rare that a talk is devoid of them, given the narrative nature on which they are often based. The suspense and wit, and the aesthetic pleasure it achieves. Since the first Abbasid era was an era of openness to different cultures and an era of mixing of many peoples and races; The transmission of the heritage of other nations flourished, through translation, and it is natural for this era to witness a difference or specificity in the nature of the use of these symbolic tools. To achieve the goal of the research, it was divided into two sections, the first section dealt with (Proverbs) and the second topic: (Myth and Myth). Rather, the two poets achieved - through the brevity, brevity and suggestion of the aforementioned methods - poetic intensity, aesthetic pleasure, and accurate expression of meanings. The two poets also achieved - with the ambiguity and expansion of the significance contained in the aforementioned methods - to activate the role of the recipient and involve him in shaping the meaning and producing and reproducing the text, and the poets' use of proverbs, myths and superstitions contributed to achieving the most prominent characteristics of their poetry such as ease and generosity of Bashar bin Burd, ambiguity, cost and diving in Meanings of Abu Tammam.