The competent authority to appoint people with special degrees in the Iraqi legislation "a comparative study"


  • Hana Jubouri Muhammad Al-Bazi Doctor of Public Law Karbala University / Center for Strategic Studies


Caretaker government, Judicial oversight body, Public functions


As a result of the expansion of the state's activity and defining its functions to satisfy public needs, as its role shifted from the role of the guardian state that deals with issues of "internal and external security" and the judiciary to the role of the state that fills the growing intertwined social needs and fulfills peoples' demands to achieve a welfare state. The public office has acquired an important role in the development of States and their progress, and their great role in implementing the general policy of the state, by organizing social and economic life in society and on various political systems, and employees constitute the human factor for the public office, as they are the ones who play the main role in thesuccess of the public office. When the process of selecting them is successful and fit to perform their tasks, the activity of the state’s public utilities will be regular, satisfactory, and fulfilling public needs. Develop special legislation for the selection of leaders by defining the conditions .and criteria that must be met by the candidate for those leadership positions.The issue of special degrees is one of the important topics that must be addressed, because the holders of special degrees represent the supreme Aryan leadership in the administrative apparatus of the state. As the holders of special degrees are the main tool for the administration to carry out the burdens of its responsibility and to achieve its desired goals, as the holder of the special degree enjoys an important and effective job position that empowers his holder with broad powers to enable him to plan, organize and coordinate to make sound administrative decisions in order to achieve the functions of successful administrative leadership.The issue of the authority concerned with appointing those with special grades of vitality and development is addressed, as we note how this important issue is ramified by “special grades” and the extent of the discrepancy in its merits. As it is known, appointment to special grade positions is subject to a set of rules and conditions, both formal and objective, as is the case with appointment to the rest of the public jobs in the country. The competent authorities to propose and approve the appointment and issue the appointment decision.