Chinese soft power toward the United States of America


  • Yousef Rathi Kathem University of Baghdad/College of Political Science


soft war, soft power, culture, diplomacy, economic attractiveness


Soft power, in its general term, refers to the influence and influence of a country abroad on a country or other countries for specific goals that that country sets for that, and this is actually done in several ways, but the most important of them is through the use of persuasion and attraction, not threat and military force Adopted on a scale traditionally accepted in international politics. The traditional means of waging wars are no longer the dominant language among the countries competing for leadership in the world, especially China and the United States, perhaps because of the first of them, the cost of waging such wars militarily, economically and humanly, and secondly, the acceptability of using soft power means in all its directions and the affiliation of the means used, which It includes cultural methods and providing investments and economic facilities, and in this regard, China has in fact begun to use the concept of soft power increasingly from its support for cultural exchanges with countries of the world because of its firm belief that these methods are among the most important means that help in achieving its control over the world in a peaceful manner, In order to increase its influence and influence in the world, especially in the United States, it sends doctors and teachers to work abroad, welcomes students from other countries to study in China, and spends large sums on teaching Chinese abroad. From this perspective, experts believe that China is trying to convince the world of its peaceful intentions, ensure it has access to the resources needed for continued economic growth, and ultimately isolate Taiwan. In the same context, there is a belief that China seeks to lead the world, in its competition with the West and the United States. With this explanation, the research attempts to study China's soft war and its use against the West, especially the United States, and point out its successes in different parts of the world.