Syrian-Lebanese Political Relations (1989-1996)


  • Amerah Abdel-Hussein Mutlaq Mustansiriya University
  • Abbas Muhammad Jamil Al-Agha General Directorate of Nineveh Education


Lebanon, National Accord, Hafeth Al-Assad, Michel Aouni


The Syrian-Lebanese relationship was characterized by its military character since the beginning of the entry of the Syrian forces and their stability on Lebanese soil, and this in turn strained the relationship between the two countries to a great extent. The Lebanese and its transgression into interference with the choice of the President of the Republic, as well as interference in the internal affairs and fateful decisions of Lebanon and its relations with countries. Therefore, the Lebanese viewed it as an unequal relationship and it was not a peer-to-peer relationship. Especially the Syrian intervention had the greatest impact in making Lebanon a fragile and weak base that is liable to collapse at the least that befalls it. Just as Lebanon has lived and will live under difficult conditions of sectarian formation that makes up the political system in Lebanon, which was centered around society and not around the state. Duration, although this change can only take place with the existence of mechanisms, means and methods that guarantee success without prejudice to the rights of all social classes in Lebanon, as well as the situation Lebanon turned to politicians and leaders far from sectarianism and personal goals. These events produced a bitter reality for the Lebanese society, especially the economic devastation it reaped, which worsened their conditions. In the eyes of the Syrian authorities, this Syrian intervention was inevitable, and this is natural, as Syria considers Lebanon a part of it, in addition to the fact that Lebanon represents the Western flank in the face of the Israeli aggression. As the situation deteriorated to become increasingly volatile, the major players in both countries began seeking to assert their interests as the situation deteriorated, volatility, and worsened.