Criminalization of assault on the moral entity of working women


  • Nawras Ahmed Kazem Al Mousawi PhD in Public/Criminal Law Instructor at Al-Mustaqbal University College / Department of Business Administration


criminalization _ assault _ moral entity _ women _ working


The assault on women in all its forms is a social phenomenon that has serious effects. A country or society may not be devoid of it, regardless of its civilization, culture and level of development in all fields. This requires taking preventive and legal measures to reduce and combat it as a crime, which represents verbal or verbal abuse. against working women, a clear picture of this crime; Because it falls within the framework of the criminal phenomenon, and constitutes the first stage of the assault that affects the moral side of the woman’s personality, which can often extend to the physical side, and results in assault by beating, wounding, or otherwise, which affects the woman’s body and her consideration. Sometimes it reaches the end of her life by her relatives, as in the case of defaming the honor and reputation of a working woman, as it falls under the concept of defamation, which is a criminal act under Iraqi legislation; For all of this, it is necessary to stand on the extent of the criminal legislative treatment to criminalize assaulting the moral entity of working women, after the widespread acts and behaviors that offend women and their status, and to research the reasons for that, in order to provide the necessary criminal protection for women in society as they are the nucleus of the family.Because of the importance of the foregoing and the great problematic it causes, we decided to delve into such an important and dangerous topic, which we will try to shed light on through our research, and we will stand on fundamental points related to the moral entity of women, the most important of which is protecting the honor and consideration of women from the criminal legal point of view, and the extent to which the victimized woman is discriminated against by some The punitive provisions contained in the penal texts, and we will deal with all of this through two sections. In the first section, we explain the concept of criminalizing assault on the moral entity of working women. As for the second topic, we will devote it to some applications of criminalizing assault on the moral entity of working women