Ibrahim bin Abdullah Al-Mahad, (A study of his biography and his political role in the emergence of the Abbasid state)


  • Nawras Ibrahim Jassm University of Babylon / College of Islamic Sciences


Ibrahim, Bakhmari, Al-Thawra, Abu Jaafar Al-Mansour, Basra, Kufa


The revolution of Ibrahim bin Abdullah has revolted against the Abbasid Caliph Al-Mansur, He was (also astring supporter uprising led by his Muhammad (The Elnefs Al zakiya) against Al- Mansur as well later on hom, Muhammad became ustrong opponent him But Ibrahim’s personality and revolution are among the revolutions that deserve appreciation and praise. The man was completely different from his brother Mohammed and father Abdullah Al Mahd From the companions of al-Sadiq (peace be upon him). A dead man was called Ba Khumra, which is the nickname mentioned by most of the sources in relation to the spot in which he was martyred, as well as to distinguish it from other students who bore the name Ibrahim.And got wide support from the public at all levels in all parts of the Islamic state It has received unprecedented support from scholars and modernists Choosing Basra was a good choice because Hijaz is poor in money and supporters It was this revolution victory in the first round, but the military and regulatory matters turned victory into defeat, One of the most important is the difference in timing between Ibrahim and Muhammad in the announcement of the revolution It was agreed that they would go out in one day, but Muhammad was ahead of the time, so he confused Ibrahim's calculations, and gave Mansour an opportunity to fight them both separately. ended up the battle to defeat the Revolution and the death of Ibrahim bin Abdullah, One of the main reasons for the defeat of the revolution was the march to Kufa and the failure to stay in Basra, And after the end of the battle, Al-Mansur’s revenge included the people of Basra, so he ordered the demolition of the role of those who went out with Ibrahim and cut down, Likewise, Al-Mansur continued to abuse the Alawites in order to support Ibrahim’s revolution, as Ibrahim’s personality was loved by the people, so many of them felt grief and sorrow for his death their palm trees and cut off his head and roaring its countries, and was buried on the battlefield, and still his grave is .visited by people from all over the world.